Online Meetings

Advantages of Online Meetings

Meet with vendors or staff located anywhere
Reduce travel time by hosting an online meeting
Train your staff using online meetings
 virtual whiteboard, sharing documents and screen share

Online Meetings through Web Ex is a new way to collaborate with colleagues and work on projects without physically being in the same room.  This is a great tool whether you are in different offices or working across county lines.  Typically there is a voice component and an interactive web component during a meeting place meeting.


The main advantage of holding meetings online is that it transcends location, making the conference accessible to the necessary parties. Members can easily join the conference and participate in the discussion from almost anywhere in the world.


Online meetings can even be conducted at the comfort of your own home or office.


Holding meetings online is cost-effective.  Business plans and agendas can be discussed without the cost of traditional conferences. 

Looking for technical assistance? Find more information about online meetings here.